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    small-batch treats.

  • Welcome to my home bakery!

    A Colorado Cottage Industry

    I'm baking from my home under the Colorado Cottage Industry Act. As such, I'm able to focus my attention on small batch, custom orders for delivery around Colorado's Front Range from my home base west of Denver.

    Why buy homemade?

    I like Michael Pollan's maxim that if we're going to eat sugary treats we should make them ourselves. But... not everyone enjoys baking. Or has time to do it. Or knows how! Baking has been my hobby since I was little. I come from a long line of bakers, too. My mom wouldn't get me an Easy-Bake Oven - she said I should just use the real one. Jackpot! Homemade treats taste better because the turnaround time from baked to delivered is shorter than any factory can offer, eliminating the need for additives and preservatives.

    About ingredients...

    I use organic ingredients as often as I can source them, and certified non-GMO gluten-free flour mix. I only buy eggs that are certified humane (the highest standard of treatment for animals) and prefer to use the ones laid by my back yard chickens when they are laying.

  • Mini Cupcakes

    I make mini cupcakes with light-as-a-cloud buttercream frosting in a variety of flavor combinations.

    Mini cupcakes are $1.75 each or $20 per dozen.


    Mini cupcakes come in vanilla, vanilla confetti, lemon or chocolate. Buttercreams include vanilla, lemon, strawberry (no added color - comes out light pink), chocolate, peanut butter, salted caramel, espresso. Vanilla buttercream can be tinted in a variety of colors, including multicolored as in this photo:

    Delivery rates may apply.

  • Mini Muffins

    I only make one kind of muffin, and I make it often - we always have pumpkin chocolate chip muffins in the freezer at my house. They make excellent teacher gifts, friend gifts, brunch treats, after-school snacks and book club noshes.

    Pumpkin chocolate chip mini muffins are $18 per dozen. I can make them with gluten-free flour for $20/dozen. GF are pictured here:

    Delivery rates may apply.


  • Let's Get Started!

    Let me know which product you're interested in and when you'd like to receive it. I'll follow up with you to get it all sorted. This is just a starting point - an order isn't "official" until we have a chat.